We believe it is important for those of us privileged to live in a rich country like Australia to share that good fortune with others not so fortunate.

Munatha Design is pleased to support some small business owners applying for a micro loan with Kiva to develop their business.

People we are currently supporting:


Kadzo is a married woman with four children, all of whom attend school. She owns a house that has neither piped water nor electricity.

Her monthly expense is school fees. She applied for a loan for her children to continue with schooling.

Kadzo has operated a coconut business, selling at the market to her local customers. She dreams of expanding her business in the future.


Veronica is a 48 year old woman with a 19 year old daughter. She makes a living making and selling blankets with an informal business in the zone “Max Paredes”, where people sell their wares from open stands, covering their tables with umbrellas.

She has constant customers who recommend her to others, but a lack of fabric holds her back. Her dream is to be able to sell more and she wants to purchase a variety of fabrics on wholesale.