Wisdom from Seth Godin #1

I have been following the amazing Seth Godin for many years. He has a unique way of looking at the world of business and the world in general. He provides valuable ideas to ponder when thinking about marketing strategies for your small business.

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Not enough ‘if’ or not enough ‘then’?

All change involves an if/then promise.

“If you want a delicious dinner, then try this new restaurant.”

“If you want to be seen as a hunk, drive this Ferrari.”

“If you want to avoid being dead, have this surgery.”

If people aren’t taking you up on your offer, there are two possible reasons:

Not enough if. Maybe the person doesn’t want the thing you’re promising as much as you need them to. Maybe they don’t care enough, won’t pay enough, just don’t want that sort of change.

Not enough then. More common is that we want the if, but we don’t believe your then. It’s easy to claim you’re going to deliver the then, but that doesn’t mean you have credibility.

When in doubt, add more if.

And definitely more then.